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    Hawk Metering Control Systems

    The Alderley-developed Hawk system is an innovative application that delivers comprehensive, workable and reliable supervisory control for metering systems.

    Shaped by Alderley's in-depth knowledge of the metering systems available, Hawk provides a rapid development environment with ready-tested and proven system components.

These elements give operators clear views and the information they require for optimum process efficiency

Hawk lets the user access multiple servers remotely for operation.

The system is designed so that it can be easily modified and maintained, making Hawk extremely flexible and highly scalable.

Hawk offers clear graphics, advanced runtime and historical trending, alarm and event screens, control and data entry screens and faceplates, and process and system overview mimics.


Through the incorporation of Crystal Reporting, Hawk brings you the very best of configurable reporting capability, allowing you to report information gathered in the way your business needs. Hawk is compatible with existing flow computers, or, if you require an entirely new system, our team will wire and test all systems to the highest standard.

Finally, Hawk allows you to integrate and expand your current solutions as needed, making it the ideal choice for your metering control system upgrade.

Contact us to find out more about Hawk Metering Control Systems or discuss your specific metering requirements further.