• Flow Measurement Control Systems

    The importance of metering control systems for your application cannot be underestimated. Often described as the 'cash registers', they must be reliable, secure and auditable.

Instrument measurements, flow calculations and process status and control - flow measurement control systems must be reliable, secure and fully auditable

Alderley work with all major flow computer suppliers, including Omni and Emerson, but our independence means that we are able to provide your organisation with the metering controls solution that best meets your individual needs.


OMNI 3000 / 6000

  • Up to four streams per computer
  • Modular design
  • Built-in proving functionality
  • Usage in redundant mode possible


Metering Controls Hero Image

FloBoss S600+

  • Up to 10 streams per computer
  • No PLC required for valve control
  • Usage in redundant mode possible
  • Built-in dual Ethernet Communications


All Flow Computers are integrated with a number of digital technologies to form comprehensive Metering Control Panels. Other components include Programmable Logic Computers (PLCs), Network Communications Hardware, Supervisory Computers as well as adequate Power Distribution and Safety.

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