• Advanced digital and low carbon solutions

    Innovative engineering solutions to enhance operational efficiency, reduce carbon intensity and improve performance.

Innovative digital, mechanical, process, hydraulic and electrical solutions to support your connected and low carbon objectives

LGN Metering

Hydrogen and LNG Metering

With extensive experience in all types of gas and LNG metering solutions – including hydrogen and helium – Alderley can advise on and deliver the best-for-application and best-for-business solution to meet your needs.

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The Alderley Smart Measurement Integrity Management System

The smart way to manage your measurement system performance: delivering complete certainty, confidence and control of your measurement systems – wherever you, or your assets, are located around the world.

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Condition Based Monitoring

Remotely accessible and incorporating dynamic uncertainty, condition based monitoring gives you the assurances you need in the ongoing performance and integrity of your flow measurement system.

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Digital and Cyber Security Upgrades

Enhancing performance through state-of-the-art digital, connected and software upgrades, including cyber security upgrades to protect your most valuable assets.

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Inspection Services, Powered by Inspection Manager

Inspection Manager is a fully digital and intuitive application-based system supporting the effective completion of inspection checks on equipment.

Powered by Inspection Manager™, our inspection team will fully assess your metering, produced water treatment, hydraulic and electrical systems whilst providing instant and actionable insights to support any remedial actions – all of which can be completed by the Alderley Aftermarket Services team for a prompt resolution.

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Digital Prototypes and Testing

We produce highly intricate 3D models, using the latest CAD/CAE software, to bring your product designs to life on screen.

3D Modelling & Digital Prototyping enables us to:

– Visualise and test your products design intent with digital prototypes before committing to expensive manufacture

– Analyse the structural integrity

– Ensure correct tolerances

– Check against interference and clashes

Our skilled CAD/Engineering team can support you, in person or remotely, throughout the lifecycle of your product development.

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Compact, Multi-tier and Mobile Solutions

Fully integrated engineering facilities – encompassing project management, design, engineering, procurement, manufacturing and testing at each location – give us complete control over project execution and product quality from start to finish.

With all work conducted in-house, we have the flexibility and capability to customise any solution to meet your needs – including unique compact and multi-tier solutions for mobile and offshore applications, as well as options for flat-pack designs for assembly anywhere in the world.

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Remote Factory Acceptance Testing

Utilising the latest technologies, our experts can now offer remote Factory Acceptance Tests, without needing to physically visit the factory.  

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Training and Virual Reality

Through expert training, you can be assured that your operations team are knowledgeable in the best practise operating procedures to optimise safety and performance.

In addition, our Virtual Reality training simulator gives you a detailed and immersive training experience from the comfort and safety of an office.  

This enhances system awareness and safety before start-up / coming onto site.  

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Produced Water Treatment

Produced Water Treatment and Filtration

Enhance process system performance with our innovative and leading separation and produced water treatment technologies.

Customised for optimum fit, form and function, our PWT solutions can be retrospectively applied to your operations – ensuring that the technology is suitable for the latest process conditions and that you meet your re-use, discharge and environmental objectives.

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Condition Based Monitoring - MAIN

Innovative Engineering Solutions

Alderley Aftermarket Services: Innovative engineering solutions for the global energy industry.

Competency assured, trained to internationally recognised standards, and working in accordance with the latest industry regulations and guidelines, our dedicated team of inspection experts, project managers and technicians are committed to reducing downtime, improving performance and ensuring safety throughout the life of your assets.

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Gas Modular Wellsite Skid

Integrated Engineering Solutions

Alderley Systems: Integrated solutions for the global energy industry.

With an extensive range of systems available to support multiple process areas, Alderley can advise on and deliver the best-for-application, best-for-business and best-for-environment solution to meet your operational objectives.

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