Alderley and Applica Resourcing launch Five Point Plan for UK Energy Industry Supply Chain

Five Point Plan outlines key elements to enable the UK Energy Supply Chain to prosper in 2023 and build towards a Net Zero energy system

2nd March 2023, Bristol and Manchester, UK:  Leading energy solutions provider Alderley and resourcing specialists Applica have today published a Five Point Plan for the UK Energy Industry Supply Chain that calls for greater collaboration between Government and industry, further incentives for localisation and job creation as well as clear articulation of the milestones that the supply chain and energy industry as a whole must take to contribute to Net Zero.  The Five Point Plan also calls for greater focus on developing the skills and talent pipeline to enable the future decarbonised energy system.

The Five Point Plan highlights the importance of the UK energy industry supply chain that has faced immense challenges in recent years caused by a global pandemic and disrupted supply chains, political and economic instability at home, and war in Ukraine, which has causing spiralling energy costs and highlighted the value of energy security.

With considerable focus on global energy security, Alderley and Applica believe that it is time for the UK to refocus on the importance of its own energy industry supply chain and identify the multitude of opportunities that lie ahead.  The UK energy supply chain is well placed to support the country’s many world-leading companies and support them to overcome the global challenges that we collectively face.

The ambitious Five Point Plan for the UK Energy Industry Supply Chain in 2023 aims to spark a wider open discussion about the value of the thousands of supply chain companies throughout the length and breadth of the UK that enable the country to be such a force in global energy.

Five-point plan for the UK Energy Supply Chain to prosper in 2023

1. Collaborate with Government and industry to create a stable regulatory environment for the offshore energy sector to provide investors – both British and foreign – with clarity over the UK’s investment landscape.

2. Persuade Government to implement greater incentives for the UK energy supply chain to stimulate further localisation and job creation. 

3. Work with industry and engage a cross-section of the UK energy supply chain to agree on, set out and deliver a strategic plan to 2030 with clear milestones to contribute to the drive to Net Zero.

4. Partner with the Government to develop a long-term plan to identify the skills and build the talent pipeline to enable the supply chain to deliver the decarbonised energy system of the future.

5. Demonstrate leadership across the energy sector and to the Government that the energy supply chain has the vision to contribute to the near-term challenges to deliver energy security to the UK.

Colin Elcoate, CEO of the Alderley Group said:

“For too many years the UK energy industry supply chain has been overlooked and undervalued.  As we build towards Net Zero, we must communicate to Government and a wider range of business, energy industry and societal stakeholders that the UK supply chain is ready to step up to the challenge of supporting companies as they ‘green’ and seek the complex engineering and digital solutions to enable them to do this.  We need a Strategic Plan for the UK supply chain to 2030 – and key milestones to chart progress towards Net Zero.  We believe that our Five Point Plan highlights that the UK supply chain is ready to deliver the necessary solutions to our world-class energy sector.  We would like to start a positive discussion based around these Five Points to ensure that key stakeholders recognise our pivotal place in the energy sector and in the energy transition itself.”

Matt Hallé, CEO of Applica said:

“The UK has a highly skilled talent pool that is available and ideally placed to take this country to Net Zero.  The lack of a clear and coherent strategy, however, means that a high number of candidates are moving overseas to projects which are consistent in their delivery. Candidates remaining in the UK are also unsure whether to pursue careers in energy transition and sustainable energy projects or traditional energy projects. The UK is in serious danger of losing a readily available workforce. We are fully supportive of this five-point plan to stop any further eradication of the talent that we currently have available and to ensure that we can play our part in delivering Net Zero.”

Alderley is the end-to-end integrated solutions provider for the global energy industry. 

Headquartered in Wickwar, UK, Alderley’s priority is to maximise the value and efficiency of its clients’ energy assets – from concept to operation and beyond.  It achieves this through its end-to-end solutions: advanced Consultancy, Digital, Systems and Projects, Aftermarket Services and Training solutions to meet the challenges and needs of a global energy system in transition. 

Applica is a specialist in resourcing energy projects globally; entrusted by many leading energy companies. We have offices in Manchester, Houston, Stavanger and representation in Brazil, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, China and South Korea.

For more information contact:

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