Alderley Middle East, Six Month Review – How we are supporting the region’s energy sector as it steps up supply for global energy security

An update from Dermot Clarke, Managing Director – Alderley Middle East

22 June 2022

As I near the end of my first year as Managing Director for Alderley Middle East it’s clear that the first half of 2022 has thrown up many new and interesting challenges.

The new watchword is energy security as disruption to global supply increases the burden on the Gulf’s energy sector to step up and deliver.

When you figure in that the global energy industry is reshaping to a leaner, lower carbon world, it’s clear that those organisations that are unable to embed a change agenda might not be around to reap the immediate opportunities on offer or to play a part in defining the future market.

From my perspective, Alderley in the Middle East has embraced that change agenda and has been rewarded making great progress this year to date.  I thought I’d outline how and why in this short overview.

Alderley Middle East 2022

First, earlier this year we received Issuance of Regional Head Quarters (RHQ) license by the Ministry of Investment Saudi Arabia (MISA) for our Dammam facilities.  This government initiative is a part of Saudi Arabia’s ‘Vision 2030’ and will allow Alderley to continue bidding for Government projects after January 2024 when the license becomes mandatory.  This approval is further evidence of Alderley’s commitment to servicing the Saudi domestic market and we are currently the only metering supplier with this accreditation.

Second, Alderley Dubai has celebrated receiving many new projects from across the globe, which is vindication of our decision to have Alderley Dammam deliver all Saudi projects and Dubai to focus on the rest of the world.  The upshot is that Dubai is executing capital projects for UAE, Qatar, Iraq, Oman, Libya, and Brazil with a strong pipeline in place for the new 12 months.

These projects mean that our work is focused on delivering bespoke packages each with unique challenges.  This allows Alderley to use its engineering and production expertise to meet clients’ requirements, while offering them full support during the execution process.  The projects have been a strong mix from across our product portfolio of Metering, Loading Skids & PWT (Produced Water Treatment), with negotiations advanced on a HPU (High Pressure Unit) project to be built in Dubai.

Third, we are growing as a business in the key market of Saudi Arabia.  Alderley Dammam, our regional HQ, has a strong order pipeline with projects for Saudi Aramco, Saudi Electricity Company (SEC), SABIC, Saudi Water Conversion Company (SWCC) as well as numerous local and international companies.

In future, we will build on the high market interest in training (through Alderley Group consultancy Kelton) and our growing digital offer.  We firmly believe that digital will be a key cornerstone of oil & gas production facilities and operations in the Kingdom.  An exciting development this year has been our decision to build a demonstration model for digitalisation in our Dammam facility in the coming six months to demonstrate our capabilities.

It’s also worth noting that Alderley Dubai is in the process of ISO 14001 certification with Alderley Dammam to follow by the end of the year.

Fourth, our operations at Alderley India have increasingly supported the Middle East business with proposals and project execution.  Plans are underway for the establishment of a new Alderley India office in India by the end of 2022, which will increase our capacity to deliver for clients.

Importantly, to respond to increasing demands on our time and expertise, we have strengthened our teams across the region in all disciplines to support the upturn in business volume.  A strong cohort of my colleagues in Dubai and Dammam have either completed or are currently participants in the Alderley Elevate management training program, which is very encouraging and already bearing fruit. 

Finally, I’d like to use this update to thank all our teams across the Middle East and India for their efforts over the first half of the year.  As the region’s energy sector responds positively to growing global energy demand, so have we.  This is something to be immensely proud of.

Dermot Clarke is Managing Director for Alderley in the Middle East and has lived and worked in the Gulf for 12 years.


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