Why Alderley's new partnership with Brodie matters

An article by Mike Shepherd, Group Business Development Director at Alderley

10 March 2022

Keen followers of Alderley’s LinkedIn feed might have seen in recent weeks the launch of a fantastic strategic tie-up between our company and Brodie International.

As part of the partnership Alderley became an approved service provider for the company in the Middle East and Continental Europe.  Alderley will act as a one-stop-shop for servicing Brodie’s equipment through its network of Gulf-based offices across the Middle East and will be responsible for managing the whole process of service activity.

We thought we’d give further context on the tie-up and why we are so delighted to become a Brodie International authorised service provider for two key regions.

1)  Alderley has built a long and fruitful relationship with Brodie International. For a family-owned business like Alderley relationships matter.  Deepening our partnership with Brodie International is a ‘win-win’ for the clients of both companies as they will now have one-point of contact in the Gulf and Continental Europe.

2)  The close partnership between our companies means that we are very familiar with Brodie’s solutions.  Alderley has installed over 100 high performing Brodie BiRotor PD meters across a variety of solutions such as hydrocarbon liquid flow metering systems and truck loading and truck unloading systems.  Brodie BiRotor meters are high performance fiscal meters and have a fantastic test record for durability and reliability, with many systems running nonstop for over 20 years.

3)  Brodie has a large installed base across the Gulf especially in Saudi Arabia. This matches Alderley’s operations across the region and presents synergies with our regional HQ in Dammam. 

4)  Our collaboration will help the region’s energy sector by enabling clients to maintain optimum performance.  Sand and air can cause issues for the PD meters.  Calibrations and checks for unwarranted particles in the process fluid are beneficial for all companies in the extractive industries.

5)  As part of our partnership with Brodie, Alderley can deliver preventative maintenance and replace any damaged components in the BiRotor meter system as well as provide support on the systems design and performance of the meters.  Alderley can also provide mobile calibration service to ensure ongoing performance by calibrating the meters on-site – crucial in such a quick-changing and dynamic energy sector.

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