CEO Perspectives from 2021 and Forward Look to 2022

From Colin Elcoate, CEO of The Alderley Group

21 December 2021

As we transition from 2021 to 2022, I thought I’d share some perspectives on a remarkable year for Alderley and the Alderley group of companies that includes Kelton and SMS.

Firstly, I’m delighted that we’ve successfully repositioned the Alderley group and developed a strong voice and new value proposition to support our work in the energy transition.

The transition to a low carbon energy system will be one of the major societal developments of the next 25 years.  I’m delighted that we’ve put together a proposition that supports clients as they lead this change and have assembled a team with the skills and expertise to make this happen.

The shift to even greater levels of digitalisation over the next generation will also be profound.  To answer the needs of clients for digital solutions we have invested in and grown our digital profile significantly in 2021 building on the solid base provided by Kelton and our existing market position.

By developing a new proposition for the largest oil and gas companies in the world as well as smaller independents we’ve been able to get a 360 degree view of the market giving each client the same respect and a tailored solution for each specific requirement.

Secondly, as CEO it has been tremendous to see Alderley’s aftermarket services business go from strength-to-strength – this all against the backdrop of ongoing market headwinds.  Aftermarket sales have particularly been relevant to our international growth.

Indeed, I was honoured to spend several months in the Gulf region this year.  Our Middle East business, with its Regional Headquarters in Saudi Arabia and operations in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Iraq and Qatar, has grown and become more diversified giving me great optimism for 2022.  ‘Client intimacy’ and getting to know our clients and their specific market needs is something that we’ve delivered time again across the Gulf region in 2021.

We’ve also expanded our operational footprint further in 2021 servicing clients locally in India, Iraq, and Singapore, which is a tremendous achievement given that we’re still at heart a family-run business. 

Plans are underway to grow into these markets further in 2022.  In fact, we are developing a first-class operation in India that is now approaching 20 high calibre staff and we are looking forward to expanding further in this enormous market.

Thirdly, attracting new people to the business across all functions and operations has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my job this year.

Key new recruits at executive level include a Head of Strategic Sourcing, a new Head of Digital and a new MD for the Middle East.  We look forward to bringing new people into the business next year – indeed, if you would like to find out more about what Alderley might offer you in terms of career prospects, please drop me a line.

In short, in 2022 Alderley will ‘double down’ on the elements that have enabled us to grow in an often turbulent market.  This means continuing to drive and invest in innovation and technology to better support our clients.

We will also continue to globalise our systems and projects through our global manufacturing centres such as metering in Great Yarmouth, PWT (Produced Water Treatment) in Dammam, and WHCP (Wellhead Control Panel) in Dubai.

Most of all I look forward to watching our global team come together to drive the Alderley business forward showing all the resilience, positivity and teamwork that has been demonstrated so many times in the recent past.


Colin Elcoate is CEO of Alderley and has worked in the global energy sector for nearly 30 years.


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