The Importance of the Energy Transition to the Younger Generation: The Alderley example

A blog by Rain Crowson, Group Marketing & Sales Coordinator at Alderley

25 August 2021

“In recent years, young people have become increasingly involved in shaping the sustainable development discourse and have a key role to play in propelling climate change mitigation efforts within their respective communities.”

Riccardo Toxiri, Programme Officer, Governance Support Office, IRENA

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I feel enormously lucky that I’m a part of an organisation that gives young workers and innovators the opportunity to contribute to a sustainable future.

Over the years, Alderley has been extremely successful as a leader of Metering and Produced Water Treatment Systems across the world.  The company plans to continue this work and accelerate to an approach that puts digitalisation and localisation at the heart of the business.

This includes looking at how Alderley’s integrated solutions not only improves the sustainability of oil and gas operations but also contributes to developing the UK’s hydrogen and CCUS sectors.

The talent exists but why does the energy industry seemingly lack the drive to get today’s young people excited about green careers and making future green jobs accessible to all?

A barrier could be that the current industry is dominated by older generations who have worked in the industry for years.  It’s extremely important for experienced energy sector workers to see the opportunity in communicating, sharing their knowledge and being open to harnessing young people to secure a greener future.

I have never felt so involved within an organisation, and excited about the future. As a young person myself, it’s extremely important to look forward to the future and what it will bring. Alderley’s commitment to the energy transition is second to none and is communicated through all levels of the business.

It’s important to understand that this new side of the energy market is growing quickly and should be leveraging the value of young people to accelerate the global energy transition.

In the months ahead you will hear more from me and my colleagues at all levels of the business about the amazing work that Alderley does and the solutions we develop and deliver.


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