Becoming a ‘greening company’: Alderley’s Better-for-Environment: Better-for-Business Initiative

Blog by Philippa Slatter

3 June 2021

The global energy companies that have dominated the industry landscape for decades are changing. 

As Bernard Looney, BP’s chief executive, stated earlier this year:

“We’re not yet green, but we’re greening”.

Mr Looney rightly recognises the long journey for BP to become a NetZero company.  Yet, BP, and that other stalwart of the global energy system, Shell, have already articulated their plans to become NetZero by 2050 and have been making strategic investments in new technologies including renewables. 

Mr Looney’s argument is that the energy transition should not solely focus on the companies that already have impeccable green credentials but instead should be about those companies on a path to changing the way that they do business.

Bernard Looney’s call for more support for companies that are ‘greening’ reaches right across the global energy market supply chain.  We need companies with the skills, desire, and resources to implement change.

Better-for-environment: Better-for-business

For Alderley, becoming a ‘greening company’ fundamentally relates to the way that we conduct business across the world.

For this reason, this year Alderley has launched a ‘better-for-environment: better-for-business’ initiative.

It focuses not just on reducing the carbon footprint of the company but shows how simple, concrete actions can be taken to support our collective journey towards NetZero, helping our clients along this path at the same time.

As part of this, Alderley will strive to ensure that its operations are as low carbon as possible from the energy we use to the carbon footprint of our buildings. 

We are reviewing and examining our global supply chain and deliveries to ensure the most carbon neutral methods are used in manufacturing, transport and distribution.

As a global business we will look to video conferencing solutions to reduce travel.  Our long-standing commitment to localisation – developing local solutions on the ground through local teams – will be reinforced.  Plus, we will continually remind our colleagues and clients of the important steps we are taking and the impact it is making.

But it is also about the solutions we create for our clients across the world.  Some of the Hydrocyclone solutions we have built for Produced Water Treatment demonstrate our new approach by updating an industry leading solution to make it lighter, more efficient and more flexible so that it can be retrofitted to most applications. 

A recent landmark contract win for Alderley in Oman for an in-house developed mobile calibration solution, which tests and verifies the performance of liquid custody metering systems on site, is proof that clients want cleaner solutions that save costs.

Our new initiative, which includes a new Alderley logo of Better-for-environment: Better-for-business, puts Alderley firmly on the path to become a ‘greening company’ and responds to the energy industry’s needs to embed more sustainable operations throughout the supply chain.

We look forward to receiving your thoughts on our initiative as it is embedded throughout our operations.

We also look forward to hearing how this new approach might help to provide more sustainable solutions for your business.  Let us know how we can help.

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