Unsupported operating system? What this means and what you should do

Issue date: 30 January 2020

Following the announcement that Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7, we caught up with our Control Systems expert, Mawuli Lodoh, to discuss what this means for metering system operators.

Q: What does it mean when an operating system is no longer supported?

A: When an operating system is no longer supported, it means the computer equipment on which it is installed will no longer receive feature updates and security patches. As a result, the computer equipment and any connected network infrastructure will be vulnerable to cybersecurity exploits and malware such as viruses and trojans.

Q: Will a metering system still work if its operating system is unsupported?

A: Yes, a metering system will still typically work with an unsupported operating system.  But your risks to disruption would have increased significantly. So, it is not recommended.  A compromised system can result in a loss of system functionality, information loss and data corruption – all resulting in unplanned downtime and financial loss, especially for a fiscal metering system.

Q: How do I know if my operating system is still supported?

A: For all metering system equipment – including computer equipment, firmware, operating systems and applications – routine review and audit is critical to minimise your risks of unplanned downtime.  This should also include identification of obsolescent and obsolete equipment so that you can take proactive steps to maintain performance. 

Q: What advice would you give to someone using an unsupported operating system?

A: Speak to your metering service provider today.  They should be able to provide a full assessment and recommendations on how to migrate your system to the latest supported equipment and software, whilst maintaining system functionality.    

For more information, contact Mawuli and our Services team on service@alderley.com

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