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    Metering Systems

    Alderley have been engineering fiscal, custody and allocation metering systems for over 50 years. As such, we have extensive experience in all aspects of metering and guarantee quality, reliability and expertise at every step of the process.

Experience providing some of the largest, expert led metering
solutions in the most challenging environments.

LNG Metering Systems

Our experience includes all metering techniques in varied applications along with analytical systems, provers and control panels.
Having manufactured custody metering stations for liquefied gases since 1977, Alderley's systems have formed an industry standard for custody transfer metering of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) around the world. Read more

Gas Metering Systems

Whichever technology you prefer, whatever your budget and whatever the application, our engineers have the knowledge and experience to deliver high accuracy gas metering packages to suit your needs.
With metering systems successfully installed in countries including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Algeria, Egypt, Nigeria and the UK, Alderley has considerable experience in all types of gas metering systems and associated instrumentation. Read more

Liquid Metering Systems

With engineers fully versed in the latest standards and technologies to meet modern demands for liquid metering, Alderley consistently delivers high accuracy liquid metering, proving, master metering and calibration packages.
Alderley's impressive client base extends from the Middle East to Australasia, and Africa to North America. Read more

Brownfield Metering Upgrades

We are focused on providing world class products and services that will add value to our clients’ processes. We have seen many of our customers make significant investments in their installations to maximise production volumes and believe that Alderley is ideally placed to help get the most from your existing assets. Read more

Project Experience

For further insights into our extensive experience of metering systems, contact us or choose one of the following case studies:

Propane Metering


East Browse Basin, offshore North West Australia